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Welcome to Quintessential Ormus

These products all begin as herbal oil live infusions (HOLI) which is an improved variation of the Ormus Live Oil process.

By adding herbs to the oil and ormus rich salt infusion, the finished oil product has both herbal chemicals and the Ormus has been informed how to deliver this specific quantum energy. The oil will look the same, but it doesn’t behave the same!

Both the Celestial Ointment and the Best Ever Lip Balms are infused with the same healing herbs that achieve a wonderful anointed healing energy. The Joint Rejuvenation Cream is infused with different herbs chosen for the synergy of healing joints and reducing pain. Fresh injuries do best with Celestial Ointment, but once a condition is past the trauma stage, the Joint Rejuvenation Cream is poised for miracles.

Joint Rejuvenation Cream

has no chemical preservatives except colloidal silver and the shelf life is guaranteed for 1 year.
Storing it in the refrigerator will prolong the shelf life.

Two of the herbs infused in this HOLI came from a Native American Herbalist, Ted Dawson of Wintu Herbs. The formula was filled out by me using a technique akin to animal communication, where I ask the herbs for guidance. The final formula consists of organic yerba santa, comfrey root, solomon’s seal, birch and arnica flowers. All of these herbs are safe enough to eat except arnica. But the amount of arnica is minimal and both cats and dogs have licked this cream without any apparent problem. 

The Ormus energy in this product comes from the salt used in the infusion process, as well as additional high-end ormus added at the end of the cream production. This is a more potent topical ormus product than the lip balms or ointment.

People regularly send me amazing stories of pain reduction and healing. I created this formula to heal my old injuries and address arthritis and lyme disease and it has served me phenomenally well. What makes this cream superior when compared to other products available in the marketplace is that the problem area seems to simply become rejuvenated and ceases being a problem. It works well for about 80% of people who use it. 

Joint Rejuvenation Cream 2 oz.  | $29 

Joint Rejuvenation Cream 4 oz. | $49